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Casa vanatoare

O casa de vacanta randata pentru Format-AD. A fost un proiect un pic mai complicat decat de obicei, pentru ca a trebuit sa fac toate grinzile vizibile si de asemenea, multi pereti din busteni neregulati (in care a fost nevoie sa decupez goluri de ferestre si usi).

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A render I made to test a HDRI I made. Here’s how I did it: I used a metal sphere to take multiple pictures of the same backgroud, with different exposure levels.

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3D renderings I made for a company that manufactures baseboards and hardwood floor accessories. I had to make the different baseboard types stand out and I’m very happy with the way they all turned out.

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ALPRO Skytower Floreasca

An animation I made for ALPRO. They needed to show a potential client a smarter, faster and cheaper system for installing glass curtain walls, without the use of a crane.

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House with a pool

A single family house, with a nice pool, a gazebo to relax in and lush plants to greet you when you step into the yard. Who wouldn’t want to come home to that? As usual, I just rendered the house based on the plans I got from the architect.

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An apartment building

A small apartment building I had very little time to render. I was ready though, just in time for the presentation.

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Thatched roof

These are 3 roofs I rendered for Format AD, and they all had to be thatched. I researched these types of roofs (thank you, Google), and I then set out to match what I found using Vray Fur.

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Hermes Business Center

Cateva randari facute pentru Atenor, mai exact pentru Hermes Business Center (de mentionat ca pozele care apar acum pe site sunt tot de mine randate, insa ceva mai vechi).

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A toy I got for Christmas, that I subsequently photographed and then modelled in 3Ds Max. I tried to replicate in detail the photograph that I had taken and I am quite happy with the result. I know I could have made it even more realistic, and with a bit more Photoshop on the final render, no one would have been able to tell which is which. But I set some limits for myself (a time constraint and very little post processing) and this is what I made.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, the first one is the photo, and the second one is the rendering.

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Folgarida Hotel

The images show a hotel in Italy and they were made for Format-AD. The construction of this was a bit more difficult than that of an ordinary project for two reasons.

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